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Moving Home?

Whether you are looking to buy a new home, on the hunt for a commercial property or would like expert, tailored property advice in the Cannock area, the Right Surveyors Cannock are here for you.

Instructing a HomeBuyers Survey can be very beneficial, it may enable you to dramatically drive down the purchase price or give you some room for negotiation..

Advice to trust!

With years of experience in the industry and all of our services provided by fully qualified RICS regulated Chartered Surveyors, we can provide reliable, comprehensive and quality advice you can trust.

With our in depth local knowledge, we will help guide you through your property purchase, getting to know you and the property on an individual level.

A large network!

If you're interested in a product or service that is not listed below, don't hesitate to contact us - our expert property surveyors carry out a wide range of services and surveys to suit your every need.

Alternatively, visit our website at for more information on our specialist surveyors and their products and services.

Who will I deal with?

Meet Cannock's Chartered Surveyor...

David Roberts, MRICS RegVal

David Roberts MRICS is the local building surveyor and Director of Right Surveyors in Cannock, providing the most reliable and personalised surveys in the town and its surrounding areas. He offers a wide range of surveys, from RICS Building Surveys, to Single Fault Assessments and RICS HomeBuyer Reports.

With over 15 years of experience in building surveying around the Staffordshire area, David is a qualified surveyor with a diverse range of skills. As well as carrying out reliable surveys, David is a fully qualified Registered Valuer, this means that he is able to help you with your residential and commercial valuations.

David’s reports will expose any problems with your property and explain the defects in a clear and understandable way. This will help you to make a well informed decision on your property purchase, could potentially save you thousands of pounds on any future repair bills.

David Roberts, Chatered Valuation Surveyor
David Roberts, Chartered Valuation Surveyor

Our Services

Cannock Surveyors is a trading name of Right Surveyors Staffordshire Ltd (an RICS regulated firm of chartered building surveyors). It offers pre-purchase surveys and specialist building surveys for property buyers, sellers and owners.

We offer a wide range of property services and defect reports from qualified, experienced chartered surveyors who take pride in their work.

Why should you get a survey?

The video from the RICS explains the many benefits of instructing a surveyor.

Common property defects:

Our surveyor David is trained to investiage these (often hidden) defects.

Defect #1


Cracks are amongst the most common property defects, with buildings both old and new more then often subjected to cracking in one form or another.

If you’ve discovered a crack in your Cannock property - be it hairline or something more substantial - our surveyors will be happy to advise you of its cause and wether any remedial works are required.

Defect #1


There are several different types of damp that your building in Cannock may be prone to including rising damp, penetrating damp and interstitial damp.

Our surveyors are suitably qualified and experienced to diagnose any damp problems in your property that you may be worried about and highlighting any methods that can be undertaken to rectify the issue.

Defect #1


A potentially serious defect, subsidence occurs when the ground beneath a property is unable to support it.

Perhaps you’re unsure as to whether the cracks in your house are signs of subsidence or just signs of settlement – a process that usually occurs in new buildings. If so, contact our surveyors who will be more then happy to assist.

"In our experience it is very unusual to find a property without a single defect; instructing us to undertake a Full Building Survey, House Purchase Survey Report or HomeBuyers Report will help give you peace of mind, the potential to save on the purchase price and the ability to plan for the future."
Visit our website at for more information about our surveyors, the services they offer and the great testimonials they have received from our satisfied customers across Staffordshire.
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Large period property,

Did you know?

Since World War II Cannock has grown more and more as a residential area. The town has brilliant transport links and beautiful scenery – making the town a rather attractive area for both residents and visitors. Since 1259, a weekly market has been held in Cannock, offering a diverse range of products and services that really reflect the town’s agricultural heritage.

Not local?

Our RICS qualified Chartered Surveyors cover the whole of England and Wales. So, if your property is not in the Cannock and Staffordshire area, then we are still available to help. Give Right Surveyors a call and we will help you find an expert surveyor local to you!

Contact us on 01785 500 501 and we'll put you in touch!

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